Privacy policy for the application

- Who is the owner of the application?
Pierre Bresson.

- What type of data is collected and how is it collected?
Data is collected anonymously in the form of crash logs using Sentry software.

- What is the legal basis for data collection?
The user has consented to the processing of his or her non-personal data for the purpose of analysing application crashes.

- For what specific purposes do you collect this data?
The data is collected anonymously in order to prevent future application crashes.

- Which third parties will have access to this information?
No third parties have access to this data.

- What rights do users have?
Users cannot request the deletion of crash data, as it is anonymous and automatically deleted after 90 days.

- What is the process for notifying users and visitors of changes or updates to the confidentiality policy?
When there is a software update, users can visit this page to consult the changes.

- When does the privacy policy come into effect?
1 December 2023