About is a nonprofit & community driven project.

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We care about you

Privacy by design

All data provided in the app will never be sold or shared to any companies and we don't track what you do in the app

Ethic by design

We don't exploit psychological vulnerabilities like bottomless feeds or auto-play to keep users from leaving

100% Open source

Everyone can add content to the app, fix any incorrect information and contribute to the design.

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Building a great app takes time

You can also have a look to our Roadmap.

  1. November 2021
    Scan product to get ecoscore : v0.9.0
  2. September 2021
    Translated in 10+ languages : v0.8.0
  3. October 2020
    Sustainable guide available : v0.5.0
  4. March 2020
    App released : v0.0.1
  5. December 2019
    First lines of code
  6. October 2019
    Kickstarter campaign
  7. August 2019
    First design
  8. June 2019
    Start of the project
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Values & Vision

And we will never be one. Startups are, by definition, companies looking for exponential growth. The problem is that exponential growth is the reason why we have global warming. Look at the world population, oil, food charts consumption through history and they are all exponential functions. As humans, we are really bad with exponential, it’s hard for us to visualise, imagine them. Startups are looking for exponential growth and it’s bad for you, as a user. They will track and monitor everything you do, through A/B testing or when you click on any button for example. In result, they will focus and try to spot features, mechanism that are addictive to users to make sure they will be back tomorrow and use the app again, again and again, leading to more and more users, data or sales. Startups have a tendency to have toxic workplace culture with high turnover, because you need to iterate and do everything fast to erase the competition. Unfortunately, nowadays this is also valid for many big companies, who want to be more “agile”.

We are 100% open-source! Yes, you read that correctly, 100%! It means that tomorrow, anyone can clone our app, change the logo and the name and use our work for free. Do you know many organisations or even NGOs operating 100% open-source? Likely not many. So grab a cup of coffee and read our code, you will see that we don’t track anything of what you do, absolutely nothing, except bugs and app crashes. Keep in mind that we are almost the only ones to not track you. Anywhere else, keep your data for yourself because if it’s not writing and if you can’t check it, it means that you are being watched, spied.

Contrary to the tech industry, our only goal is that you stop using our app after some time. We don't want to be used forever. We are here to give you information and tools so you can understand what the hell is going on and how to navigate it. We then hope you can continue to do so without our input.

Not only do we not track your in-app activity, but also we don't exploit psychological vulnerabilities like bottomless feeds or auto-play to keep you from leaving the app. Since we don’t track you, we really appreciate any feedback you can provide us. We want to take the time to understand what you need and what to improve for you. You're are a human being, not a series of numbers and statistics on a screen.

You can check our figures on Indie Hackers at any time. Incomings, outgoings and everything in between. If one day we have enough money to live from this project, we will apply the 1 to 3 salary rule: where the biggest salary will be no more than three times bigger than the lowest. Never any more.

We are self funded through Kickstarter. It means that we are not trying to make crazy profits to pay dividends to investors. It also means that this is a challenging situation for us and we welcome any donations on Patreon and Open Collective.

We should all collaborate in order to fight climate change so keep in mind that anything not open-source means business as usual. If you see that some organisation don't share everything, it means this organisation interest is motivated by greedy profits and survival, not helping mitigate climate change and promote sustainable lifestyles. Everything we do is 100% open-source.

NMF is a shortcut for Not My Fault (?), an open invitation to question our modern lifestyle and our participation in the current ecocide.

We are working on adding recurrent emissions but we won't go further than that, meaning you won't be able to get your carbon footprint automatically calculated from your expenses for example. It's annoying by design, as a kind reminder to pollute and consume less.

Industrial farming of animals generates a lot of CO2 emissions but not only, it's also horrible. Each day approximately 160 million farm animals throughout the world are transported to a slaughterhouse. Maybe it's okay for you, but not for us.

The team

Built by many people around the world, the project was initiated by Pierre Bresson.

Interested in joining our team of volunteers? We are especially looking for developers, illustrators, designers, copywriters and translators. Feel free to contact us if you want to help.


In the media

  • Dense Discovery newsletter #101
  • podcast also available below


Press Kit

If you are a journalist and want to talk about NMF, we have prepared for you a nice press kit with logos, text & images. Download press kit (zip file).


Merci! 👏

The first version was funded by the amazing Phelps family, a big thank you to them.

"Love Kids, Stop Climate Change. Care. Talk. Act", Carol Phelps.
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