NMF is a small team concerned by the human impact on the planet.
We are not a startup driven by growth or profit to pay dividends to investors. We are self-founded, we are transparent and you can have a look to our figures on Indie Hackers.

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We care about you

Privacy by design

All data provided in the app will never be sell or shared to any companies and we don't track what you do in the app

Ethic by design

We don't exploit psychological vulnerabilities like bottomless feeds or auto-play to keep users from leaving

Open source

Everyone will be to add content to the app, verify emissions models and fix any incorrect information

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Past, Present & Future

You can have a look to our Roadmap.

  1. February 2020
    App available
  2. October 2019
    Kickstarter campaign
  3. August 2019
    First design
  4. July 2019
    Company created
  5. June 2019
    Start of the project
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We are building a community of passionate people helping each others. If you wanna to help, give us some feedback or just wanna say hi, please contact us by email.


Press Kit

If you are a journalist and want to talk about NMF, we have prepared for you a nice press kit with logos, text & images. Download press kit (zip file).

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